Biggest telephone companies in the world

When talking about the biggest phone companies, a major distinction must be made on the type: whether they offer only mobile service, only landline service, or both of them. Also, it is necessary to evaluate on what basis a company is considered large: whether by the number of their subscribers, by their market capitalization, or because its CEO was/is a famous businessman.

The world’s largest mobile phone company for subscribers

Here is a list of the top five mobile phone companies around the world for the total number of subscribers:

  • China Mobile: 482 900 000 subscribers
  • Vodafone: 264 100 000 subscribers
  • Telefónica / Movistar / 02: 195.5 million subscribers
  • America Movil: 186 600 000 subscribers
  • Telenor: 159 million subscribers

In the USA, the ranking is this:

  • Verizon Wireless has 86.6 million subscribers
  • AT & T Mobility 78.2 million subscribers
  • Sprint Nextel: 49,083,000 subscribers
  • T-Mobile: 33,173,000 subscribers
  • TracFone Wireless: 11,759,000 subscribers

The world’s largest mobile phone company by market capitalization

  • AT & T: $ 139,700,000,000
  • Verizon: $ 81.8 billion
  • Comcast: $ 41 billion
  • ECB: $ 16.6 billion
  • Sprint: $ 148 billion

The world’s largest mobile phone company for CEOs

Lowell McAdam – Verizon CEO, he spent six years in the U.S. Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps

Michael Combes – Former Vodafone UK CEO, one of the CEOs of the greatest absolute experience, currently CEO of the French SFR

Marco Tronchetti Provera – former CEO of Telecom Italia, currently CEO of Pirelli, a tire company that is returning to the stock market after the sale to Chem China. Tronchetti Provera is doing very important for Pirelli return on the stock exchange; the IPO Pirelli will be a great opportunity for this manager to prove his business ability. Other interesting sources on that are Pirelli tyres will race to market with new hands at the wheel , Pirelli to offer 30-40 pct stake in IPO – sources and Pirelli to decide on IPO terms based on prospectus.

Vittorio Colao, Vodafone Italia CEO, graduated from Bocconi and a Harvard MBA Master, he did great experience working at Morgan Stanley in London.